NBC London Olympics Coverage Dampens Mood

Now Trending on Twitter: #NBCFail

From Mainstream to Social Media, NBC Olympics Coverage Dampens Mood

The approach to this years’ London Olympic Games coverage has been unique, but the execution is leaving something to be desired. In the U.S., NBC’s coverage plan has taken a novel approach in that they are leveraging all of their networks (MSNBC, Bravo, etc.) to bring you the viewer more events. Even better, you can watch Olympic events live online. Oh, but they failed to mention one key fact: you have to have a cable subscription first. Yes, they verify it. Even then, there seem to be some issues. Some cable subscribers don’t get MSNBC in their package and so can’t watch events aired on that channel, or that channel’s live feed. The programming schedule has also been wrong on more than a few occasions.

The BBC has 23 sports channels dedicated to Olympic coverage… with no commercials.

But that’s just the tip of the iceburg.

That Annoying Tape Delay Thing

Tape delay happens every year, but this is the first year that Twitter will play a major part in sharing results. What NBC failed to consider was that you can’t offer a tape delay for an event that is being tweeted live. It makes even less sense to allow people to watch an event on tape delay online, where you are posting the event’s results on your main page where viewers encounter it prior to getting a chance to watch the event. Half the fun is getting caught up in the moment and hoping that our team pulls out the win. Once we know the results, we don’t really care. Your tape delay is fairly useless.

NBC, You’re the Worst, Stop Talking

When we do finally get coverage of some event, it’s fairly ruined by cutaways to Matt Lauer, Ryan Seacrest, and Meredith Viera. Can we get some professional sports announcers here? And what happened to Bob Costas? Didn’t he used to have informative things to say about sports?

Matt and Meredith’s comments during the opening ceremony were especially embarrassing. Like when you’re watching a movie and your stodgy parents make snide remarks about how inappropriately the Bond girl is dressed. They’re clearly people you couldn’t go see a foreign film with.

The talking does occasionally pause long enough for us to see an event. However, you’ll get to see just one heat, or just the Americans… it’s almost like we’re the only one’s competing (which one might make a case for if so many of our athletes weren’t bombing it — men’s gymnastics, we’re looking at you). Once we’re through with showing the Americans, then its back to Bob, Matt, and Meredith or a slew of commercials. It’s like the Superbowl, but all they want to show you is highlights from the dominant team, the pregame show, and only the most boring ads.

It’s So Bad, It’s Trending: #NBCfail

To get the full scoop on just how badly NBC is flubbing it’s Olympics coverage, just check out the hashtag #NBCfail on Twitter. Oh yes, it’s a thing. Due to how frequently it’s being tweeted, you can catch some of the early tweets in this awesome article. It seems that many Americans are disappointed in the quality of NBC’s broadcast of the events, and the limited available coverage of what should be America’s opportunity to support it’s brightest and best athletes and to foster a sense of national pride. Instead, we’re all complaining on the internet.

NBC’s take on the bad PR?

“We are quite aware of the chatter on Twitter about the Olympics and we embrace it.”