Is Your Content Punk Enough?

punk rock content

Punk is one of those genres that constantly refuses to be easily defined. Its sound changes from one decade to another. The best explanation of punk rock that I ever heard was credited to Billy Joe Armstrong of the band Green Day and it comes in the form of this tasty little anecdote: “A guy […]

Searching for a Good Restaurant Website

schema data menu example SERPs

I love to eat out. I mean, I love to cook, but I also enjoy to eat food that I lack the experience or skills to make for myself. As someone who has made dining out a pastime, I regularly encounter a puzzling conundrum. One that, in an age of hyper-advanced search engines, semantic search, […]

Breaking the Rules of Brand Voice in Content Marketing

boring brand voice

Have you ever had a project, product, or client that aimed to “appeal to everyone”? What kind of success did you have? What was your approach? You probably went through all of the marketing basics. New ad creative, emotional appeals, someone probably talked about content marketing, blogging, and social media… did you get the results […]

What is a Content Writer?

copywriter not content strategist

I see this question popping up all over the place. “What is a content writer?” The question itself is begged when one reads the job description for a content writer (or web content writer as some places prefer to call them). It’s not hard to explain at all–and yet, judging from the job descriptions out […]

SEO Isn’t a Gamble, It’s a Losing Bet

Content is greater than SEO

You’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. But don’t get upset, an entire industry was built around doing it this way. SEO isn’t about optimization at all. From the very start the practice was designed to game the system. Just like counting cards in Vegas, you test the house one too many times and […]