Editing for AudienceBloom

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AudienceBloom is a Seattle based company that helps businesses improve their SEO as well as their digital presence (PR) by publishing search optimized articles on high authority websites. They offer a wide variety of content-oriented services, but I was contracted to assist them with the editing of their link building and brand mention articles.They are […]

A Simple Way to Improve Website Conversion Rates

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In the digital marketing world it is not uncommon to place a great deal of emphasis on conversion rate improvement. We pay to drive traffic to specific pages on our site and we optimize those pages to the best of our ability to try to capture a return on our investment. Unfortunately, for most of […]

Easy User Experience Tips for Your Website

User Experience: Visitors should land on your site with a BANG!

A positive user experience can make a world of difference in how customers perceive your company or brand. They might like your product, but if your website is difficult to navigate or looks cheap or outdated, that can have a negative impact on your business. Here are some easy tips for making sure your website […]

African School for Excellence: Website Rewrite

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It’s wonderful when an organization dedicated to helping those in need begins to gain steam. Unfortunately, that typically comes with some growing pains. The ability to scale an organization’s marketing efforts can be a very difficult challenge. Fortunately, I’ve done this several times before and I was excited to make the transition an easy one […]

Linkedin Influencers: How to Post on Linkedin

How to write a LinkedIn Influencers post

You may have noticed that in the “news” section of your LinkedIn feed you are seeing more and more posts by LinkedIn Influencers. These are typically people with large LinkedIn networks who are in some way an authority in a certain industry. As LinkedIn continues to beta test the LinkedIn Influencers blogging program, more and […]